eSignature eSignAnyWhere - Use Case Example: Project Proposal

The Story

Alice is a project manager and after the initial project meeting, where she fixed with the managers and team leaders the content, she writes the project proposal. The project proposal has to be signed by the managers and team leaders to launch the project.

Please also see the developer mode for this tutorial here: Visit the developer mode.

Use Case Description

This example shows how eSignAnyWhere can fasten your internal processes. With parallel signing, like used in this example, no specific order of siging of the managers or team leaders is required. This digitalization of an internal process increases your efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Alice has the initial project meeting with Bob, Eve and Grace, where they fix the content, goal, resources etc. of the project.
  2. Alice prepares the project proposal for signing with the managers and team leaders.
  3. Alice send the project proposal with the company’s project management software, which has eSignAnyWhere integrated. All signers can sign parallel, so specific order is required.
  4. Bob is waiting on the train and checks his emails. He reads the proposal and signs it via Draw2Sign on his smartphone.
  5. Eve is having a meeting in a few minutes. She checks her Emails and sees the project proposal of Alice. In the meeting, during a part what is not affecting her, she reads the proposal and signs it via Click2Sign on her Tablet PC.
  6. Grace is on her PC and receives the signing request for Alice’s project proposal. She reads the document and signs it directly on the PC.
  7. Alice receives the signed project proposal and can start the project.

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