eSignature eSignAnyWhere - Use Case Example: Prepare Envelope

This case leads you through the process of the API call to prepare an envelope. Generally this call helps you to prepare all steps and the whole configuration for an envelope you want to send later.

The Story

A car seller is in the final step of selling the car to a customer. He/She creates the contract and adds all the features, that the car will later include, in the document. In order not to overwrite the signature field with text, the seller has created a dynamic field so that the signature field is dynamically placed on the page.

Use Case Description

In a car sales, it is likely that with additional features, which should be installed in the new car, the signature field in the contract is not always on the same position (page 1) but on the second or third. Therefore, it makes sense to place dynamic placeholders. Exactly this case will be described here. The next figure illustrates this case:

Figure Description
Prepare Envelope, Template Document, dynamic Content
  1. Template Document for dynamic content
  2. Placeholder
  3. Example 1: one page with dynamic content
  4. Example 2: two pages with dynamic content

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