eSignature eSignAnyWhere - Use Case Example: Travel Insurance

The Story

Charly goes on a backpacker adventure for some weeks. At the Airport he realizes that he does not have a travel insurance, therefore he is looking for travel insurance online.

Please also see the developer mode for this tutorial here: Visit the developer mode.


Use Case Description

  1. The Customer (Charly) finds the company online
  2. Charly calls the Hotline
  3. Charly is answering the questions of the operator for preparing the travel insurance
  4. The travel insurance contract is prepared and reviewed by an supervisor of the operator
  5. The supervisor checks the data and conditions and the contract is automatically forwarded to Charly
  6. Charly receives the contract via smartphone and authenticate himself via SMS-OTP
  7. Charly reads and signs the contract via Click2Sign
  8. Charly receives a copy of the finally signed travel insurance contract

Helpful Resources