eSignAnyWhere Developer Mode


The eSignAnyWhere Developer Mode allows an easier start with the eSignAnyWhere integration. The biggest challange of integrating eSAW is to create the configuration of the signing ceremony, where you define a lot of different elements, such as the order of the recipients, the position of the signature fields, the document hiding, the external services and many more details. These configuration exist out of two parts, the envelope (workflow) and the workstep configuration (recipient config). Details you can finde in the Envelope Guide and Workstep Guide.

To allow you to generate these, sometimes quite complex configuration, we created the Developer Mode. The Developer Mode allows you to use eSignAnyWhere as a “configuration builder”. This means you create your desired workflow with the eSignAnyWhere User Interface (upload document, define recipients, define signature and form fields, etc.) and download its configuration. So eSAW is generating the configuration for your via UI created workflow.

You can download the configuration as XML or JSON, depending on your prefered API (SOAP or REST). Just replace elements in the configuration (e.g. recipient names, email, phone numbers, …) to have a schema of the desired workflow.

Enable Developer Mode

First, you have to enable the developer mode to use it. Therefor, open settings, select the register “Users” and enable the developer mode on the left side. The next figure shows you where you can find the check box.

Download of the Configuration

There are two ways to download the configuration:

1. Download before sending

Download the configuration during the creation of envelopes before sending (could cause costs).

The following figure shows you the button for the download before sending the envelope:

2. Download after sending

Download the configuration of a sent envelope (also a first test of the workflow and use case)

The following figure shows you the button for the download after sending the envelope: is a free platform for creating and testing workflows for customers and developers. You can contact Namirial consultants for a longer valid access to the system.

Advantages of using the developer mode

You just have to add the fields in the SAW Viewer and download the configuration. Therefor, you do not have to know each step in the configuration and how it is build. Example: If you want to configure a signature field on your document you can first add it on a document in the SAW Viewer and then download the configuration and add the signature in your workstep configuration. Moreover you have always the exact position of the elements in your configuration and you do not have to write the code by yourself.